Qcaid iSystems Edition

We give you QCAID for free, now you only need your ideas to start earning money by renting your strategies

  • Create automated trading strategies without any programming skills.
  • Draw a diagram that represents your trading idea just by dragging and dropping components onto the canvas.
  • You can easily backtest your trading strategy with just a few clicks.
  • The design of your strategies will remain confidential at all times.

Cross asset, multi-asset & multi-time frame algos

Direct access to markets

Extensive library of functions & indicators

MiFID II compliant

  • Offer your systems to investors connected with brokers throughout the world.
  • Choose the licensing fee for your systems.
  • The system publishes only the performance of your strategy, not its logic or design.
  • You can track your followers and your lease count in real time.

Download QCAID iSystems Edition and start developing your algos!

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