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QCAID Trading Platform

A powerful technology to automate, backtest, optimize and run your strategies.

QCAID is an innovative trading platform that allows you to create automated trading strategies without any programming skills. Draw a diagram that represents your trading idea by just dragging and dropping components onto the canvas.

You can easily backtest your trading strategy with a few clicks, simulate it in a realistic environment, and upload it to the cloud to be executed automatically through a low latency server.

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The easiest way to automate your trading

Drag-and-Drop Strategy Designer

Dragging and dropping the elements to the canvas

Design your own strategies using our trading platform that allows traders to create mathematical models by dragging and dropping the strategy components onto the canvas. Create a flow diagram to represent your trading idea.

QCAID allows to create multi-asset and multi-timeframe strategies. Without coding skills.

Accurate backtest

Run thousands of backtests with any number of assets requested

QCAID performs order by order backtests, considering the full order book, volume, liquidity and order priority to fully simulate market impact with unparalleled precision. Despite that bunch of information, backtests are quite fast, taking only ten seconds to process one trading session.

You don’t have to worry about market data. We’ve got it for you. Our clients have direct access to Eurex, SIBE, Xetra and EURONEXT historical tick and order book data.

Realistic Simulation

Test your trading strategies in a realistic environment

Once the strategy is ready you can see how the strategy works in a realistic environment, considering communication latency, pre-trade risk control, order fill probability, etc.

The Real Execution Advantage

High speed execution for your trading strategies through low latency servers

Upload and execute your own trading strategies using low latency servers and monitor them in real-time.


Test and design your own complex strategies

Quickly automate your trading strategies

Comprehensive solution to fully implement an automated trading business model

QCAID’s Advantages

  • No programming skills required
  • Any asset class (Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Futures, etc.)
  • Multiple assets and timeframes in the same strategy
  • Includes an extensive library of functions and indicators that will allow you to create any kind of strategy, from simple moving average crossovers to advanced market making strategies.
  • Accurate backtesting
  • Identical results in live simulation and real execution
  • Dedicated and centralized servers for strategy backtest and execution

Design any strategy you can think of

  • Market-Making
  • Scalping
  • Pairs/Spread Trading
  • Trading of multi asset baskets
  • Hedging

QCAID’s Advantages

  • Comprehensive all-in-one trading solution
  • No programming skills necessary
  • Fast and flexible workflow
  • Use and combine any asset type (FX, ETFs, Stocks, Futures)
  • Accurate backtesting and simulation
  • Reliable strategy execution
  • Globally connected, seamlessly integrated
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