Frequently Asked Questions about QCAID

QCAID's features

What kind of assets or instruments can be used in QCAID?

Qcaid’s trading platform can support any type of assets (stocks, futures, forex…) excluding options. The execution then depends on the assets the FCM or broker can support.

Is it possible to design multi-asset strategies in QCAID?

QCAID’s automated trading platform allows users to design trading strategies with as many assets as desired.

It’s possible to make a VWAP strategy with one asset or a basket of dozens of assets that replicate a FTSE 100 Index.  It also enables traders to do an automated spreader system over interest rate futures that can manage ten legs or pair trading strategy between DAX and EUROSTOXX.

Is it possible to combine different assets in the same strategy in QCAID’s trading platform?

In QCAID it’s possible to design strategies that combine different types of assets (futures, stocks, forex…).

For instance, it’s possible to design a hedging strategy over the oil brent considering, simultaneously and in real time, the currency exchange risk over the EUR/USD.

QCAID also allows users to design strategies that invest in a value basket that can replicate an index based on the evolution of its future. For example, investing in a synthetic basket of 30 DAX values based on the evolution of its future.

Is it possible to combine different time-frames in QCAID?

QCAID allows users to mix as many time-frames as desired in the same trading strategy.

You can create strategies that automatically recalculate with every Bid and Ask change from Eurodollars and take the S&P closing time into consideration.

Is it possible to backtest strategies designed in QCAID?

Yes. QCAID’s automated trading platform has high precision historical data from most markets around the world. This allows users to perform tests without worrying about the maintenance, audit or update of the database.

Can QCAID run several strategies simultaneously?

Yes, several strategies can simultaneously run on QCAID.

Can strategies based on the price action be created in QCAID?

In QCAID, the rules are created based on any market information, such as price or volume. This is done over the performance of the strategy or variation of position or size in the market.

There are several examples in the video gallery. Anyway, the purchase of the license covers a training period.

Can a strategy be implemented with a precise money management in QCAID?

Yes, any logic can be clearly defined based on the size of the position or the performance of the strategy. It doesn’t take any external elements of the market or strategy into account.

Can custom indicators or functions be created?

Personalized indicators can be created and saved as components to be in different strategies at any moment. The components can be designed by using the mathematical functions available on the palette.

What charts are available in QCAID?

The chart available in QCAID’s platform is P&L. All strategies can be easily plotted by exporting the data to a spreadsheet.

Trial and License

Is it possible to try QCAID’s automated trading platform?

Yes, QCAID’s demo trial can be requested on the web site www.qcaid.tech. In this trial all QCAID’s functionalities are available.

What instruments are available in QCAID’s trial?

This file includes a list of the instruments available in QCAID’s free trial.

How does the license process work?

To access through CQG, the client has to sign a license contract with Qbitia and request access to its FCM or broker. This signature is electronic, done on the web page in only a few minutes. After signing this contract, QCAID’s download, its license and full access to the training material is available in the personal area.

Once the FCM accepts the activation to access QCAID (which normally takes a few hours) the platform is ready to start operating. All payments will be done through the FCM, as usual.

To access through Visual Trader, please contact our sales team at sales@qbitia.com.

Which are QCAID’s license features?

The license is annual with monthly payments. It can be cancelled at any moment, requiring only a two-month prior notice.

Users intellectual property

QCAID never has access to the client’s strategies. Once the strategy has been made, it´s coded and encrypted. From the legal point of view, the protection of the user’s intellectual property is guaranteed by very strict clauses.

Exchanges, Brokers and connectivity

What FCMs and brokers does QCAID work with?

We can work with any FCM that is a partner of CQG. The list of CQG FCM’s can be found in the following link. If the requested broker isn’t on the list, please let us know.

To verify the brokers available through Visual Trader, contact our sales team at: sales@qbitia.com.

What instruments and markets does QCAID work with?

QCAID can work with any market or product within CQG’s working list. The exchange list and QCAID’s market assets can be checked for further information.

Depending on the broker or FCM, certain exchanges might not be available.

Does QCAID connect to CQG through FIX API and control risk system?

Yes, QCAID connects to CQG through FIX API and control risk system.

Does QCAID connect to Visual Trader through FIX API and control risk system?

Yes, QCAID connects to VT through FIX API and control risk system.

Is QCAID self-sufficient or does it require any Visual Trader or CQG product?

QCAID is an independent automated trading platform that can work by itself:

  • When integrated with Visual Trader, this platform is sold with a Visual Trader-Max terminal, therefore no extra products are needed.
  • When integrated with CQG, an extra product can be recommended depending on the client’s needs, although this isn’t required.

Can other market data be used in QCAID or does it only work with its own data?

QCAID’s standard platform includes high precision historical data from worldwide markets for backtesting and access to a real time data feed.

For alternative personalized solutions, please contact our sales team at: sales@qbitia.com.

If you still have any questions, please contact us at sales@qbitia.com