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FIA Expo, our first stop!

by Qbitia on October 28, 2016 , No comments

Due to the recent release of Qcaid Tick, the new version of our algorithmic trading platform, Qbitia goes on a world roadshow. Our first stop was at FIA Expo where we participated as exhibitors and panellist at the BYO Algo panel.

Annual Futures & Options Expo is FIA’s flagship event and gathers more than 5.000 attendees annually, including senior executives from trading firms, exchanges, brokerages and service providers.

At our booth, our professional team didn’t have a moment to spare as they were constantly demanded for Qcaid demos. It was definitely the best place to launch the new incorporation of our cloud-based trading platform as it offers wide opportunities to make valuable connections and network with professionals from all around the world.

The show wasn’t over for us when the Trade Floor closed as Marcos Suárez, our R&D director, was invited to speak about algorithmic trading at the BYO Algo panel. This event was all a success for us so we would like to thank everyone that took the time to stop by our booth to meet our team and our platform.

With the FIA Expo over, Qbitia follows its roadshow tour, currently on its way to New York. Here we will be hosting a meetup on the 3rd of November at 121 Fulton Street and we will be talking about algorithmic trading and enjoying a pleasant evening with drinks and canapés.

If you’re interested in meeting our team and Qcaid, you can register for our meetup here.

We hope to see you there!

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QbitiaFIA Expo, our first stop!

QCAID Tick is on the road

by Qbitia on October 5, 2016 , No comments

Qbitia is excited to announce QCAID’s newest version, QCAID Tick! We will be traveling around the world on our 2016 Roadshow showing how powerful this cloud-based platform is and how it can help its users to optimize their trading.

QCAID Tick allows traders to analyse the market tick by tick with live bid and ask data. This makes QCAID more efficient and powerful than ever before and it enables users to see the quantity and the price of every trade that occurs in the market. Thanks to its live bid and ask data, users can know where the market was, where it is and where it might go. With this volume of bid and ask, users can analyse and quickly decide the next step to take in their strategies.

Qbitia’s trip starts in the four top trading cities of the globe, Chicago, New York, London and Singapore.

Tour route for the following three months:

  • Starting in Chicago, we will be introducing QCAID Tick for the first time at the FIA EXPO Chicago (19th-20th of October). On Thursday 20th our R&D manager will be speaking about algo trading and QCAID Tick at “BYO Algo” Panel. You can also come by our booth (#112) for a personalised demo.
  • Our next stop will be New York, where we will be hosting a meetup on the 3rd of November. Our experts will be presenting in depth this algorithmic trading platform and potential clients will be trying its new incorporation.
  • London is the next stop, where we will be attending the Finance Magnates on the 14th&15th of November and hosting our own meetup on the 16th.
  • Our last stop of the year will be Singapore at the FIA ASIA. From the 4th until the 8th, our team will be introducing Qbitia to the Asian market and on the 7th we will be hosting a meetup presenting our algorithmic trading platform, QCAID.

Now that you know where you can find us, if you are interested in getting to know QCAID Tick, contact our team and we can tell you more about each stop and maybe schedule a meeting.

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QbitiaQCAID Tick is on the road